Frequently asked questions

We'll be honest - some of the below questions are considered the most difficult to answer in our business. But they're also likely the ones you want answers to the most. At 90 Degrees Construction we don't side step around tough questions. It's our belief that unless proven otherwise, people are fair and reasonable when given all the information they need.


here are the answers you've been looking for...


How much will it cost me to build a house?

Unfortunately there is no benchmark when it comes to the cost of building a house, as each build is unique. As a very rough starting point, $1500 m2 is very cheap, $2-2500 m2 is more common and then anything from $3000 m2 and up is more consistent with bespoke designed houses.

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Will you give me a fixed quote?

We prefer not to. 90 Degrees Construction specialise in building homes with real architectural flavour. We’re not afraid to work with architects posing creative solutions and unique materials. This generally results in the need for ongoing decision making throughout the build, making it impossible to match a fixed quote. More importantly, not fixing the quote means more transparency for you, as you only get charged for the work and materials used i.e. no hidden contingency costs.

What is a builder’s margin?

Think of a builder’s margin as a combined project management and handling fee. We are offered great rates from our chosen suppliers/subcontractors to start with, not available to just anyone. A margin is then added to cover all other costs – e.g. planning, backwards and forwards dealings with vendors, and all admin related fees that help make your job run seamlessly.

What do I need to get a job priced?

90 Degrees Construction will give you a full estimate after we’ve received a complete set of working drawings from an architect. However, if you know roughly the size of the house (m2) and can give us a good brief of what you are after, including some of the types of materials you might like to use (e.g. hardwood floors, cedar cladding, kwila decking etc.) we can give you a very high level price range you could expect. Using websites like Pinterest and Houzz can be a good starting point to creating your brief / mood board.

See for ideas on house styles.

What extra value will I get from 90 Degrees Construction?

We pride ourselves in taking a modern approach to running projects. You might not notice it immediately, but our backend processes are incredibly sexy. By using user-friendly integrated cloud-based systems, admin and paperwork don’t bury us or stress us out. These same systems let us be super transparent, so we’re proud to show you exactly where we’re up to and what we know.

See our 'Service' page for info on what we do.


When can you start building my house?

It all depends on what stage you are at, and what work we’ve currently got on the go. Don’t underestimate the time it takes to finalise plans with an architect, agree to a budget and obtain a building consent. We strongly encourage you to give us a call on this one, because regardless we can always get the ball rolling in some way.

Also, keep an eye on our 'Projects' page, which shows what time of year our current projects are due for completion and a hint of when we might be able to start our next build.

How do I get a building consent?

Your architect will usually submit an application to your local council once your working drawings and other paperwork is complete. The council then has a 20 working day timeframe to process your building consent application. However processing time will stop if Council officers need to seek additional information. You need to get a building consent before doing almost any building work.

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How long will it take to build my house?

We like to break down a timeline into two separate phases; (1) Ideation, Design & Consent (2) The Build. The latter is the one we do our best to predict and control. The actual build time can vary between 25-40 weeks or more depending on the complexity of the design and time of year. For example, there tends to be less hold ups if you build during the drier months of the year. We will give you access to a full interactive project timeline as part of the project estimation process.

Can we make changes during the build?

The advantage of having a "cost and margin" contract, is that all charges are invoiced as the build progresses (i.e. not operating on a fixed price). This allows much more flexibility to make changes. With any significant changes you request, we may email through a simple form to sign electronically before the work commences. 


What does being registered with New Zealand Certified Builders mean?

NZCB is an organisation set up to protect homeowners from unqualified builders and unethical practices, to ultimately promote excellence in the industry. 90 Degrees Construction went through a rigorous sign up process to become a member, including multiple credit and client references, so you can rest assured that we’re the real deal.

What do you specifically get out of the membership? NZCB provide comprehensive 10 year residential building guarantee insurance to it’s members’ clients. They also pass on some sweet deals and discounts to make kitting out the interiors of your home a little easier on the wallet. Learn more about this at

Does 90 Degrees Construction do renovations?

We’re open to jobs of all shapes and sizes, and will never say no to having a chat about potential work. Our team and work calendars are usually geared up around the construction of new builds, but definitely give us a call and we’ll see what we can do.

How do I get a job at 90 Degrees Construction?

People are by far our most important asset at 90 Degrees Construction. Not only do we look for people with the right skillsets and the right attitude, but we also make sure that they will fit into the culture of our business. We like to hear from all sorts of people no matter what stage of their life and/or building career they are at – it makes for an interesting chat at smoko! Our doors are always open to those wanting to discuss joining our team. Have a look at our ‘Employment’ page, send in an application and give us a call!

Where can I find examples of work completed by 90 Degrees Construction?

All imagery on our website is of our own work and people. However, our strongest attribute is in our craftmanship and finesse with the finer details - things you won't necessarily see in a staged photoshoot. For raw imagery of our handiwork, go to our Facebook or Instagram pages.



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