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90 Degrees Construction in a nutshell



90 Degrees Construction...

is a modern, solutions focussed, award winning construction company specialising in new high-end residential, architecturally designed homes.


Thinking global, acting local...

in the Bay of Plenty region. Tauranga is home, but we also service the Mount Maunganui area. We have established networks in each.


Working smarter...

providing end-to-end project management and construction services, using integrated cloud-based technology for team collaboration, administration and project timeline management.


Talent Building...

a young team with the right attitude led by Construction Director, Luke MacGibbon. We are committed to developing well trained, capable tradesmen with some of the “craft” carpentry skills that many of today’s builders don’t possess.


Achieving Mutual Success...

with highly engaged, motivated people who have a strong desire to deliver superior value and transparency to the client at every stage of the build. Our wins are their wins.



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Tauranga Builders


Luke and Alexandra MacGibbon launched 90 Degrees Construction in 2016. Luke is an award winning builder with a flair for building stunning homes, while Alex is a passionate marketer who continuously aspires to live in a stunning home. So they mashed their skillsets together to create a construction company with a point of difference.

Luke takes care of the operation, dealing with suppliers, project planning, cost control, training the guys and working closely with the client.

Alex works behind the scenes to make all of that as seamless as possible, implementing digital solutions, translating any technical jargon, automating the admin and making sure the brand shines.

"We're the perfect guinea pigs for each other. Luke has the patience of a saint when perfecting finishing work. But put him in front of a computer for longer than five minutes and a curse word is bound to slip out! If I can find an online solution for the team that even Luke enjoys using, we're onto a winner. Similarly, if he can explain a building process to me in a way that I can understand it, then the client certainly will." - Alex

90 Degrees Construction wouldn't be complete without the rest of the team. We're lucky to have committed and talented builders who always go the extra mile.

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Our service model is easy – we put the customer first.

At 90 Degrees Construction we consider each job personal, and the client relationship crucial. So we’ve done our homework. Research shows that some of the top issues clients face when building a new home can include:

  • Additional unforeseen costs, particularly on variations

  • Not knowing timeframes/timeframes not being met.

  • Perception that the contract was unfair - risk allocation weighs more towards the client than the builder.

Our goal is to ensure that these concerns are not your concerns. How? Our pesky, time consuming admin work is automated, which means more time is spent making your building experience more transparent, the jargon simply translated and the construction process more efficient.

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our promise:


it’s not just about building your house.

we will share a mutual feeling of pride and accomplishment with you.