About Us?

Isn't it about you?

We know why you’re really here – to find out if we’ll be a good fit for you.

We build top-end residential homes, but so do other building firms. Here’s why we’re different:

  • We tell you everything you want to know, as its happening (see our services page for more info).
  • Our Construction Director is loveable. He can make friends with just about anyone in the industry (even after he’s told them to redo the job to his standards).
  • We live for detail – whether it be in perfecting interior finishings or presenting information to the client in a clear, user-friendly, beautiful way.
  • Everyone in our business gets technology and are not afraid to use it.
  • We do our homework - customer research, a solid business plan along with a good marketing strategy - then we walk the talk.

Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
— Damon Richards

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Why 90 Degrees Construction?


Man made perfection.

Antoni Gaudi said:  "There are no straight lines or sharp corners in nature." 

So then how have we determined what "perfectly straight" looks like?

While light beams are naturally straight, all things tangible have been defined and created by man. To the eye a straight line looks perfect, and two lines at a 90° angle even more so. Just ask Luke. He can't walk into a room without auto-assessing the straightness of a window installation and he definitely won't sleep at night if a picture frame  isn't level!


The right angle.

The building industry is at a common turning point - join the digital revolution or get left behind. 90 Degrees Construction is committed to using technology to improve communication, productivity and transparency. We don't believe in just relying on what has worked in the past, but rather in choosing the right angle to take us into the future.


Customer puns.

Whether the client and/or size of the project is 'obtuse' or 'a-(bit)-cute' , 90 Degrees Construction considers the job personal and the client relationship crucial. The customer comes first.


THE squad


  • 1x perfectionist with loads of experience in construction management complemented by superior carpentry skills and terrible singing vocals.

  • 1x geek with loads of experience in marketing coupled with an obsession of great customer experience and digital solutions.

  • 4x energetic craftsmen with a passion for bespoke builds and seriously hard work, topped with quick wit and a sense of humour.

  • Bachelor of Commerce & Administration from Victoria University
  • Four years experience in Corporate Head Office, listed as a Deloitte’s NZ Top 50 company.
    • Lead Marketing/Customer Experience representative on multi-million dollar digital projects (including development of online software and company websites)
    • Company subject matter expert in digital marketing initiatives (e.g. social media launch and experiential digital displays at field events.)
    • Management of Marketing Team budgets and financial reporting

  • National Certificate in Carpentry
  • National Certificate in Construction (Supervisor Level 5)
  • Licensed building practitioner (LBP)
  • 14+ years experience in high-end residential construction projects
  • 2009 Winner of Apprentice of the Year - BOP
  • Lead carpenter for two award winning projects entered into the Master Builder House of the Year Awards
  • Member of New Zealand Certified Builders Associaltion
  • Member of Registered Master Builders Association
LUKE MACGIBBON  Construction Director

Construction Director

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ALEXANDRA MACGIBBON  Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager

> See Alex's Credentials

Construction Supervisor