Your project will include:

Architecturally Designed Home

Whether you've chosen an architect already or want us to recommend one based off your brief, our preference is to work closely with an architect right from the start. We don't charge for the initial meetings or time spent working with the architect, because we believe that this time is a critical success factor. Why?

  • No idea or detail will get lost in translation.
  • We can help creative designs stay within budget, ensuring no time is wasted when pricing a job.
  • We love a good opportunity to problem solve, innovate and high-five the architect. Creating a solid relationship upfront means a smooth ride throughout the build. 

Superior "Quality"

Let's be honest, you hear the word "quality" a lot. As an advertising buzz word, it's hard to know what it even means anymore.

We believe quality is like trust.

  • Trust that we care enough to spend time perfecting the design details.
  • Trust that we have the right knowledge and experience to overcome challenges to get the job done.
  • Trust that we'll always keep you in the loop.
  • Trust that we take pride in all our work.

Check out our Instagram page for a behind the scenes look at our workmanship.


Personal Website & Live Timeline

As we use our fair share of timber on site, we do our best to cut back on paper. 90 Degrees Construction sets up every client with a personal, password-protected website. This becomes your one-stop-shop for all your build related documents, which you can access from any device, at any time including;

  • Project Estimate
  • Client FAQs
  • Project Plans
  • Project Contracts (including insurance)
  • Invoicing and tracking sheets

We know building a house is an incredibly exciting time. You'll be busting to get into your new home so that you have an excuse to buy numerous decorative cushions and fight about the size of a new TV. But like in any good relationship, trust and transparency is key. Therefore, our project timeline is an open book. We'll give you access to our online gantt chart, so you can see exactly where the build is up to, and the impact of any adjustments. 

Beautiful Estimates & Cost Tracking

"Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple." - Steve Jobs.

At 90 Degrees Construction, beautiful presentation is a tool just as important as a hammer. Subcontractors, labour costs, contracts work insurance, PC sums, margins, code of compliance - this is an industry where information overload is a huge healthy and safety risk (not officially, but it should be!).

So when it comes to your most important questions (how much, are we on track and how long) we have created unique templates that will ensure you get the information you need in a clear, consistent and beautiful way, including:

  • Project Estimate
  • Project Timeline
  • Invoicing
  • One-pager 'estimate vs actuals' tracking sheet



You might just like working with us if:

  • you want personalised service with frequent communication the way you want it - phonecalls, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, FaceTime etc.
  • you recognise a good gantt chart when you see one.
  • you want a company who can answer the challenging questions about detail and cost over dinner.
  • you want custom built features that will make your home look and feel more unique (potentially inspired by your Pinterest board).
  • you want the option to change your mind throughout the build, because frankly visualisation can be difficult at times.
  • you want someone who cares as much as you do.